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Continuous Coating is a Steel Sheet Coil to Coil Toll Operation

Size Limits
Thickness 30 gauge to 14 gauge
Width 24" to 60"
Incoming I.D. 16" to 24"
Outbound I.D. 20"
Coils Weights 40,000 lb. Max Gross Wt.

Electro Galvanize Black Plate or Cold Rolled Sheet Coils.
RoHS anti finger print.
RoHS Conductive trivalent chrome finish.
Coating to deter rust.
Remove oil from sheet coils.
Bonderize Hot Dipped Galvanized Sheet Coils and EG.
Remove pin point rust from cold rolled sheet coils prior to electro galvanizing and other types of cleaning available.
Apply RoHS or No Print to hot dipped galvanized coils.
FDA compliant (non-contact food grade) coating.

Shipping and Receiving
We pride ourselves in the ability to move coils in an efficient and timely manner.


"C.C. Special" is an Electrolytic Zinc coating of any thickness and any after treatment as predetermined by Continuous Coating Corp. and the customer.

C.C.#1 is a commercial Electrolytic Zinc Coating
(.100 oz per square foot mean) (both sides)

C.C.#2 is an intermediate Electrolytic Zinc Coating
(.06 oz per square feet mean) (both sides)

C.C.#3 is a flash Electrolytic Zinc Coating
(.03 oz per square feet mean) (both sides)

Differential Coatings
A. One side heavy.
B. One side conductive, one side No Print.

The weight of coating is the total amount of zinc on both sides of the sheet expressed in ounces per square foot, which can be converted to inches of thickness (both sides) by multiplying by the factor 0.00168 which can be converted in inches of thickness (one side) by dividing by 2.

Continuous Coating Corporation
520 W. Grove Avenue, Orange, California 92865

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