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[Scorecard logoi] If you visit the Scorecard web site , you will see that Continuous Coating Corporation has been ranked for major chemical releases or waste generation as one of the cleanest/best facilities in the US and that our top ranked non-cancer risk is none.

[Edison Logo] According to Edison, Continuous Coating is a “Proud Demand Response Participant”. This facility supports the citizens of California by voluntarily reducing electricity usage during critical times.

Continuous Coating is proud to announce that it belongs to the California Climate Action Registry (taking action on climate change). Registry members agree to voluntarily calculate, certify and publicly report emissions. Annually, registry members must identify all sources of GHG (green house gases) emissions, certify, calculate and report them.

Continuous Coating has been asked by the EPA to enroll in The National Partnership for Environmental Priorities. The NPEP is a voluntary program that fosters partnerships between EPA/state regulatory agencies and manufacturers who are environmentally inclined. We will enroll in the program when we are ready to start one of our many environmental projects. One of them being to change all of our metal halide fixtures for either TSHO fixtures or T8. Reducing our electrical usage by 60%.

Continuous Coating provides a RoHs compliant coating EEE (Electrical and Electronic Equipment). Continuous Coating Corp. is RoHs Compliant. RoHs (restriction of hazardous substances).

Continuous Coating is very involved in the safey of it’s employees. In 2003 there were 11 reported injuries that had occurred. With proper training and supervision we’ve brought it down to 3 reportable injuries so far this year. Good housekeeping and safety is one of our priorities.

Continuous Coating Corporation
520 W. Grove Avenue, Orange, California 92865

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