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Continuous Coating Corporation was established in 1965 as the only electro-zinc line in the Western United States and remains still the same today. In 1981 was expanded to a 1280 mm, e.g., coating line. The line processes sheet steel coils from 1.8 mm to 0.3 mm thickness in a continuous flow through eight different sections consisting of unwinding, joining, cleaning, rinsing, zinc plating, rinsing, after treatments, drying and rewinding electo-zinc steel strip in a continuous flow of e.g., products.

Continuous Coating prides itself with well over 200 years of employee experience in the art of electro galvanizing. We are here to address all of your individual needs.

We are continuously researching, developing or improving processes that can accommodate the many unique differences between coils that are made throughout the world.

Continuous Coating Corporation is committed to a high standard of safety for its employees.

Continuous Coating Corporation is committed to quality through testing, services, environment, and safety through customer support.

Continuous Coating Corp. is committed to a clean, healthy environment and to conduct its operations in a manner that is environmentally responsible and befitting a good corporate neighbor and citizen. In accordance with this policy, Continuous Coating Corporation will comply. We will seek to prevent pollution before it is produced.

Continuous Coating Corporation
520 W. Grove Avenue, Orange, California 92865

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